Ipswich’s own Monday Night Football comes to Norths Leagues Club

promotouchThe Norths Tigers are in the middle of a hard pre-season slog in preparation for defence of their A-Grade premiership title, won last year for the first time in almost two decades.

Helping the Tigers players develop their skills and fitness is Touch Plus, the closest form of non-contact rugby league available in Ipswich.

Touch Plus is the safest yet most exciting game of modified rugby league that both men and women can play no matter what skill level, ability or fitness.

The autumn season will kick off on Monday 23 February at Norths Leagues Club (Pelican Street, North Ipswich). This season will run for just eight weeks and is easily the cheapest social sport at barely $6 per player per week.

President of the Senior Rugby League Club, Wayne Middlemiss, is looking forward to an exciting upcoming season.

“It’s great to have people come together socially and play footy. It’s obviously non-contact, and we grade the teams accordingly so we can cater for all abilities and provide enjoyable games for everyone.

“The mixed competition has always been popular as the girls can have a run around with their girlfriends or partners and enjoy playing a form of rugby league themselves.

“It’s only an eight week season, which is designed to finish before the weather gets cooler and also so people don’t get burnt out by a long season.

Norths have featured a team from each of the juniors, seniors and women’s rugby league programs over the past years, however Midlemiss points out league clubs haven’t always had success.

“The game is certainly the closest thing to rugby league but that doesn’t necessarily mean rugby league teams have an advantage. Girl’s tries are worth two points and some teams are very good at getting their female players over the line, while traditional touch football players can be a bit quicker than your average league player.

“It’s just an exciting game that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone, irrespective of age, athletic ability or league background.

With the competition to starting Monday 23 February, teams need to register online or contact Steve on 0428 178 522. Registration is just $450 per team for the 8 week season, making it the most affordable social sport in Ipswich!

Author: Norths Seniors

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