Round 11 Home & Away Fixtures Friday 20th & Saturday 21st July

Home Fixtures Friday 20th July
u13 Springfield Black vs Norths Gold @ Norths 6pm Field 1

u14 Springfield Black vs Norths Gold @ Norths 6pm Field 2
u14 Norths Blue Bye Bye

u15 Brothers vs Springfield @ Norths 7pm Field 2

u17 Norths Gold vs Norths Blue @ Norths 7pm Field 1

Away Fixtures Friday 20th July
u13 Norths Blue vs Brothers White @ Brothers 6pm

u15 Norths Blue vs Low/ Kara/ Bris V @ Karalee 8.15pm
u15 Norths Gold vs West End @ West End 7pm

Away Fixtures Saturday 21st July
u6 Laidley Lions vs Norths Tigers Laidley 9am
u6 Norths Gold vs Norths Blue Laidley 9am
u6 Norths Cubs vs Redbank Blue Redbank 9am

u7 Norths Blue vs Bye
u7 Norths Tigers vs Karalee Gold Karalee 9.50am
u7 Norths Cubs vs Norths Gold Laidley 9.50am

u8 Fassifern Maroon vs Norths Blue Laidley 9.50am
u8 Lowood Green vs Norths Gold Laidley 10.40am
u8 Fassifern White vs Norths Tigers Laidley 10.40am

u9 Norths Blue vs Redbank Blue Redbank 9.50am
u9 Norths Gold vs Redbank Red Redbank 9.50am
u9 Norths Tigers vs Lowood White Laidley 11.30am
u9 Norths Cubs vs Lowood Green Laidley 12.20pm

u10 Norths Tigers vs Norths Blue Laidley 10.40am
u10 Norths Gold Bye

u11 Laidley Black vs Norths Tigers Laidley 12.20pm
u11 Norths Blue vs Laidley Red Laidley 1.10pm
u11 Norths Gold vs Goodna Blue Goodna 12.20pm

u12 Swifts vs Norths Blue Karalee 1.10pm
u12 Norths Gold Bye

Author: Norths Junior-Minor RLFC

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