Away Fixtures Friday 25th May & Saturday 26th May

Away Fixtures 25th May
u13 Brothers Blue vs Norths Blue @ Brothers 6pm
u13 Norths Gold vs Brothers Grey @ Karalee 6pm

u14 Springfield White vs Norths Gold @ Karalee 7pm
u14 Norths Blue vs Redbank @ Redbank 7pm

u15 Norths Blue vs West End @ West End 8.15pm
u15 Norths Gold vs Brothers @ Brothers 8pm

u17 Norths Blue vs Goodna Blue @ Goodna 6pm
u17 West End Blue vs Norths Gold @ West End 6pm

Away Fixtures 26th May
u6 Laidley Lions vs Norths Gold @ Brothers 9am
u6 Norths Blue vs Norths Cubs @ Swifts 9am
u6 Norths Tigers vs Goodna Blue @ Goodna 9am

u7 Norths Tigers vs Redbank White @ Esk 9am
u7 Norths Cubs vs Goodna Blue @ Goodna 9am
u7 Norths Gold vs Redbank Red @ Karalee 9.50am
u7 Norths Blue vs Karalee Gold @ Karalee 9.50am

u8 Norths Tigers vs Redbank Red @ Karalee 9am
u8 Norths Gold vs Redbank Blue @ Karalee 9am
u8 Norths Blue vs Redbank White @ Karalee 9.50am

u9 Norths Tigers vs Norths Gold @ Swifts 10.40am
u9 Norths Cubs vs Norths Blue @ Swifts 10.40am

u10 Norths Gold vs Redbank Red @ Karalee 11.30am
u10 Norths Blue vs Redbank Blue @ Karalee 11.30am
u10 Norths Tigers vs Fassifern White @ Swifts 12.20pm

u11 Goodna Black vs Norths Gold @ Goodna 11.30am
u11 Laidley Black vs Norths Blue @ Brothers 10.40am
u11 Norths Tigers vs Goodna Blue @ Swifts 1.10pm

u12 Norths Blue vs Brothers Blue @ Brothers 12.20pm
u12 Norths Gold vs Brothers White @ Brothers 11.30am

Author: Norths Junior-Minor RLFC

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